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I have great admiration for anyone who can write their autobiography – particularly when I struggle over a few word about me.
I once used this short passage for those little bios on conference proceedings and such, lets start there.

The OldGeezer has spent more years than he’s willing to admit being in and around education technology and technology education. Starting his career in the IT-industry, gravitated into teaching, went back to industry to retain his street cred and finally after 15 years as an ICT-education evangelist (and more), found the door at the back of the wardrobe returning to education. Avoiding words like pedagogy, paradigm and especially obituary, he remains pretty good at supporting learning through technology. Currently he is the ICT Director at a large independent school; and is a keen supporter of Edupunk, if only for the cool name.

That was then – this is now…. Retirement beckoned I heeded the call.

I  still take the occasional photo or two, try my hand (actually feet) at a bit of the ballroom, build things, landscape, renovate, play games (insufficiently frequently though), write the family history (genealogy isn’t so daggy as it once seemed), travel as much as possible, compile photobooks so that I do actually look at the pictures and memories, and dote on my kids, grandkids and remain proud of them on a daily basis.

Posts are even more sporadic now – though retirement is supposed to bring more leisure time.  I’ll  assume  this  simply  means  I’m  out  actually  having  fun.avatarsml

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  1. Sir Chris, it has been a looooong time since the days of Harvard Graphics and Frankenspouse!
    I am pleased to see that you are back in Education and in Oz. (When we last talked you were buying a caravan and travelling the world.)
    Drop me a line cos I would love to catch up and chew the fat over a coke. 😛


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