What should we expect of a keynote address?

Without question it should be inspiring, entertaining, thought provoking, and even leaving you feeling inadequate but promising to do better from here on. The speaker should be directly relevant to the premise of the event (conference). They MUST be a good public speaker with something to share. It should not an advertising session nor should it be a marketing activity.  The speaker should also have sufficient grip on their own laptop and slide show, not to need additional help and appear novice.
I don’t think this is asking too much?

Acec Keynote on day 2. An example of what not to do.
Spending time touting own business -catering and event planning for everywhere. Talks about the HUGE variety of things to think about when planning from people to weather to tides to entertainment, etc…
Talking about sailing the world for 5 years and running Berowra waters. Accessible only by boat so many logistic problems. Also ran airline catering on Hamilton Island. Both cases needed good training for staff.
More slides on “what I did on my summer holidays” Nothing ICT oriented, nothing practical nothing inspiring, nothing of any value to this audience.
No one cares about how to photograph dorsal fins of dolphins.
Equipment failure and low battery issue – very amateur.